About Us

Welcome to Jo'Swayy! 

All of our products are handcrafted and are 100% natural with a blend of pure essential oils that are second to none. Through our own research, test and study we found that the effectiveness of earth based products on the skin and hair were astonishing. We believe in a healthier and refreshing lifestyle for everyone.

-Briana Reasonover-  Owner & Co-Founder 



 Our company mission is to provide an effective natural solution for your skin care needs. We strive to ensure that anyone who uses a Jo'Swayy product will become part of an uplifting culture that embraces a better wayy. 

 Our skin care products promotes anti-aging, rejuvenating and healthy skin while fighting against blackheads, enlarge pores, lines and wrinkles. All while leaving the skin with a radiant glow. 

 Our hair care products acts as a moisturizer stimulating the hair follicles while keeping your pores hydrated to prevent flaking, dandruff and dry skin


Thank You

Your business is greatly appreciated and remember when it comes to skin and hair care, there's Only One Wayy The Jo'Swayy Wayy.